'Iterative Adaptation' blog features posts on public policy in general and development economics in particular. I use this blog primarily as a sounding board for my thoughts and to post interesting relevant material that might be of use to others.

The blogposts can be broadly categorized as follows.

1. Research paper summaries: These are summaries of good research papers that are relevant mainly to India and public policy theory in general. These typically tend to include and not limited to development economics, especially education, health, growth, poverty, inequality and so on.

2. Contemporary public policy debates: Posts of this category are my thoughts on contemporary public policy debates. As far as possible, I try to bring in a new perspective leveraging on relevant research literature in that field or using appropriate data.

3. Interesting articles and links to read: These are articles that I find good and feel that they should be read.

4. Book reviews: Books that have core public policy focus.

5. Response to articles in media and TV shows: These are typically response to articles in newspapers or TV shows, agreeing, disagreeing, or complementing the arguments.

6. Indian school education: You may find disproportionate number of posts on Indian school education. It has been my core focus area recently. I have a book on it. Please check the "My Book" tab for more details.

7. State Capacity: 'State Capacity' is the capacity to design and implement public policies. I am thinking and researching on this. So, occasionally you find some posts about new frameworks or theories of state capacity, and their implications to public policy.

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1. All the views in this blog are my own. They don't represent the views of any organisation that I is/was affiliated with.

2. Views may change with time subject to change in data.


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