Artificial Intelligence reshaping the role of nation-states in international arena

Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) researchers agreed on a set of 23 principles, in a recent conference. This is to contain the potential damages of AI. The principles include - value alignment, avoiding lethal AI arms race etc.

This is a significant moment in human history.

Till now, nation-states were the major players in the international arena. Governments of nation-states represented people in international forums and signed agreements on behalf of people. Individuals weren't important. This is more importantly so in case of activities that pose a threat to humanity.

For instance, major lethal weapon as of today, the nuclear weapon is in hands of only nation-states. Non-proliferation agreements were signed by the governments of nation-states.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed this phenomenon. AI is now in the hands of individuals and not governments. AI also poses significant threats to humanity. In other words, AI weapons are decentralised nuclear weapons with no role of nation states. So, probably for the first time, the individuals are signing agreements to adhere by certain principles, bypassing the governments.

This is going to have interesting implications. 

One, nation-states were few, they could easily (relatively) come to an agreement. There are far too many individuals involved in case of AI. As AI becomes ubiquitous it's to be seen how the procedure of agreements change.

Two, any violation of nuclear agreements between countries could be punished by imposing sanctions against that particular country. It may not work in case of AI where individuals are involved.

Three, countries may also invest and acquire AI weapons. Countries may also sign agreements, parallel to individuals. Is this going to cause conflicts between networked-citizens and networked-countries?

Overall, the emergence of AI has potential to significantly reshape individual-individual relations bypassing nation-states, nation state - nation state relations and individual - nationstate relations. Exciting times ahead!

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