Regressive step by CBSE: Meddling with appointment of principals in private schools

CBSE has brought new rules regarding the appointment of principals in CBSE affiliated private unaided schools. As per this new rule, i) principals have to pass a test (even the existing principals have to write the test); ii) committee to recruit principal to a school should include a CBSE nominee and a state government nominee, who will have a veto power; iii) government schools are exempted from this.

This is a regressive step on many counts in an already over-regulated private school sector.

One, tests in India mean nothing. They are poorly designed. In fact, it might not be even possible to measure the qualities required for a principal, through a written test. It's not a recruitment for a match referee where one is testing candidates on the knowledge of intricate details of the game's rules.

It's useful to ask the following questions. There are 10,000 CBSE unaided private schools in India as of today. There are many good and outstanding principals among them. How did all of them become good principals without passing a test? How were they running the schools till now?

Instead, requirements of passing a test, reduces the available pool of candidates for recruitment, making it difficult for private schools. 

Two, the involvement of CBSE and state governments on panel interferes with the autonomy of the schools. It's not clear as to, on what grounds does CBSE think that it (CBSE and state governments) can choose better principals, than the school management? 

Worse, these nominees have a veto power. The new rule might not do anything apart from creating new avenues for corruption.

Three, continuing the flawed principle of exemption to government schools from RTE infrastructure requirements, this rule also exempts government schools from the above requirements. 

Even if one assumes that above rules make sense and are beneficial to schools, does that mean that government schools shouldn't be beneficiaries of such rule?

Governments don't make any significant efforts to improve the quality of public schools. Instead, they leave no opportunity to drag down the well-functioning private schools.

2016's Economic Survey talks of regulatory cholesterol. In private school sector, it's not even cholesterol, it's a deliberate insertion of a leg piece in the throat, obstructing the windpipe, choking the person to death.

Update: Few days after the above decision, government retracted the rule of mandating exams for principals.

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