The elite class' condescension of middle class dreams

Ridiculing a school kid’s and their parents’ aspiration to get their child into IITs has become a common topic of ridicule these days.
The narrative goes as “Hey look! Crazy fellows. Getting anxious about IIT admission years before the admission process.”
Occasionally, this turns into a sermon on how the parents should leave kids alone to explore their interests.
Some of them also take pride in saying “We sent our kids to liberal arts school while this crazy world is running after engineering and medicine.”
This narrative displays nothing but the condescension of elite class and lack of appreciation of the reality of people who take such decisions.
Consider middle class families and those below. They live life on a brink with tight budgets saving every possible rupee. Their life is a life of uncertainty. Faced with these decisions daily, it is natural for them to aspire for a good life to their children where they don’t have to live the risky middle class life.
The most certain way of making this possible is by getting into a good engineering college (IIT) or a medical college (AIIMS). There might be other ways but these ways provide a certainty that once a student gets in to these colleges, some amount of security is assured.
Though people with networks may deny but the reality of the world is thatbrand matters. May be elite class can get internships to their children through connections, can make up for their child’s lack of good undergraduate education by spending on their foreign degrees, can get their children interview calls in companies, or can transfer their family businesses to their children in case everything falls apart. The middle class don’t have such options. The only resource they have is hard work and they would want to put that to appropriate use.
Hence, middle class parents strive to get their children into these colleges that grant them security and access to a better world. They would want to do everything possible to make it possible and not take any chance. In this hyper competitive world, if others’ kids are preparing from 6th standard, and if your kid isn’t preparing, then probably your kid is getting behind.
All of these make parents anxious about the process and make them scout for best possible schools which can help them make this possible.
Terming this anxiety as nonsense or ridiculing it is both insensitive and shows lack of appreciation of reality
The best thing middle class children can do for themselves is to get into a good undergraduate college first and then think of other things in life. The undergraduate college provides the necessary safety net which the elite class gets by birth. Probably the presence of the easily attained safety net is the reason for condescension of elite class. They can take off this invisible security net once and see how it feels.
Is this preferable for a society as a whole? May be not, but the economic compulsions of current age make this inevitable. May be, once a critical mass of people climb above the economic ladder and reach a stage where they don’t have to worry about ensuring basic necessities of life, then the default option can be to explore interests. Until then, people will act the way they are acting now.

I would in fact go a step ahead and argue (to be provocative) that everyone should opt for extra coaching in school provided in the name of IIT foundation. At least on this pretext, students get exposed to something new so that they aren’t spoiled by the routine curriculum that emphasizes rote learning and blunts children’s mind.

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