Ground Report: How does CCE function in government schools?

Disclaimer: Narrative below is description of teachers. Not mine.
Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation in simpler terms mean that students are to be continuously tested over a period of time rather than at the end of year. The idea is to use the data from continuous evaluations as a feedback loop to remedy children’s difficulties.
As part of this, children are given regular home assignments, often involving small projects. The textbooks are also modified with the questions at the back of chapters being more dynamic in nature instead of asking to reiterate some lines mentioned in the chapter.
How does it work out in some government schools?
Initially this was the process.
  1. Teacher gives assignment
  1. Child finds it difficult to do the assignment because of mixture of reasons
  1. a) child can’t understand

  2. b) child doesn’t have resources like access to internet to gather material and money to buy materials to make projects etc.
3. Teachers worried that children are not doing assignments.
4. Children needn’t care because they aren’t going to fail anyways (no detention).
5. Teachers concerned about the workload due to increased paper work.
As it happens, the self correcting system, homeostasis, as Sheldon Cooper would call it, found a way it.
This is the way it works out now.

  1. Teacher gives assignment.

Modification: Teachers stopped giving assignments requiring use of internet and buying of materials.
2. Students submit the assignment.

Entrepreneurial publishing companies have exploited the opportunity to prepare guidebooks — essentially a collection of model answers to all the assignments that students are supposed to do, as per the textbooks.

Students just copy text from guidebooks into notebooks and submit assignment. (Note that projects are no longer given to students).
3. Teacher corrects it. Obviously, it's a lot easier. Everyone has written same answer, from same guidebook.
Children happy. Teachers happy.
But teachers have some complaints
1. Net effect is negative. At least in earlier case, student could repeat memorized stuff. Now, even that’s not a possibility.

Earlier students used to at least memorize answers to the questions given at the end of the chapter. Now, neither they memorize nor do assignments properly.
Add no detention policy to that. There’s no reason for child to do anything.
2. Unnecessary extra burden which is of no use.

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