[My book] UnpackED: The black box of Indian school education reform

This post is about a book that I have written a book on Indian school education called "UnpackED - The black box of Indian school education reform" published by Centre for Civil Society, Delhi. Parth Shah of CCS, Delhi has written the foreword and Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan (LokSatta) has written the afterword. Gurucharan Das, Dr. Geeta Kingdon and Dilip Thakore have written testimonials.

UnpackED is the one stop source to get a comprehensive perspective of issues in school education. It is highly recommended to those who are looking to understand the nuances. If you are the person who is curious to understand education, if you are the person who feels perplexed with the complexity of the problem, this is the book to go. You can order the book here.

Assurance from my side - The whole book and all arguments are evidence-based and reasoned. You will have to struggle to find rhetoric. FYI: The book has 155 references. So, don't worry about that.

The motivation for writing the book is 
  1. I have tried to think of the core reason behind the poor education system since long. Many reasons are quoted in discourse but none of them were satisfactory explanations. I felt the need to explore each of these and explain why they aren't satisfactory. At the same time, identify the core reason, using evidence. Unless we understand it, attempts to reform can end up being ineffective.
  2. The reform in education is being approached from a fragmented manner - some viewing it only through the lens of curriculum, some only through the lens of economics etc. I felt the need to view all of these comprehensively.
  3. As far as I know, there is no one place to refer regarding Indian school education. This book is an attempt to put together evidence across different strands and infer insights from it.
  4. In the context of New Education Policy, right lessons have to be communicated for wider discourse so that we don't repeat mistakes. Someone had to say all this and hence!
The summary of key points in the book is shared below in a simple, conversational tone.