Weekend interesting links to read

1. Pew Research Center has this interesting data on greatest threats as perceived by different nations.

2. How many licks does it take to reach the center of lollipop? The fluid dynamics of lollipop dissolution.

Apparently the answer is 1000. The fascinating result of this research is that, when lollipops are exposed to the flow of a fluid, reach the same intermediate shape during the process of dissolution, irrespective of their initial shape and speed of the flow.

3. Doni Rodrik writes in Project Syndicate on growth stories of Brazil, Turkey, Russia and India.
With hindsight, it has become clear that there was in fact no coherent growth story for most emerging markets. Scratch the surface, and you found high growth rates driven not by productive transformation but by domestic demand, in turn fueled by temporary commodity booms and unsustainable levels of public or, more often, private borrowing.
For developing economies, the three key growth fundamentals are acquisition of skills and education by the workforce; improvement of institutions and governance; and structural transformation from low-productivity to high-productivity activities (as typified by industrialization). East Asian-style rapid growth has typically required a heavy dose of structural transformation for a number of decades, with steady progress on education and institutions providing the longer-term underpinnings of convergence with advanced economies.

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