Instructional time in Indian public schools compared to other countries

David Evans shared this excellent review of effects of increased school hours on learning outcomes. This graph on the comparison of instructional time (time spent on instruction) caught my attention.

The country with highest instructional time is Italy, with 1000+ hours. 

What is it for India? We don't have good data for this but we can get a close approximation. Prof. Karthik Muralidharan's paper on school choice collects data on instructional time of public schools in their sample [Table VII in Appendix]. As per this paper, public schools in their sample from the Andhra Pradesh state in India spend 1796.47 minutes per week on instruction. If we assume that the net academic year is of 8 months, this amounts to nearly 960 hours per year, close to 1000 hours.

With 1000 hours of instruction per year, India stands among the top in the list of countries, as per this metric. The irony being, India comes among the last in terms of outcomes.

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