Why not to blog?

I have decided to resume blogging after a long time. I always wanted to have a blog of my own, and write cool things. I started doing it for some time while in college but then I stopped. I am writing this blog post to share why not to blog. More specifically, why did I stop blogging? The points below are not in any particular order.
  1. Head rush:  When I try to write something, all the thoughts come gushing into my mind causing a slight head ache. This is a strange barrier to start putting down thoughts on paper.
  2. Opinions change: Opinions change with time. Most people don't appreciate these nuances. So, you would want to write only after you are super confident but then that never happens because new evidence keeps coming up! Also, when you get into the practice of writing, you end up writing everything on your mind, even the not so opinionated thoughts and emotional thoughts. It feels childish to read some earlier posts of yours which embarrass you.
  3. Deadlines needn't work: One strategy to tackle the problem of 'not writing' is to set a goal of writing certain number of posts within an interval. The problem with this approach is that people might tend to come up with a post thoroughly lacking content, just to meet the target. My main aim wasn't here to meet targets but to genuinely feel and write.
  4. Design of the blog: When I started my blog for the first time, I for a long time obsessed over its design. I tried various themes in blogspot and other platforms without focusing on content. Ended up losing steam.
  5. Name of the blog: This is another barrier to start a blog. I don't feel comfortable writing unless I am satisfied with the name.
  6. Theme of the blog: Should it be completely political? Should it be limited to core policy like Ajay Shah and Gulzar Natrajan? Should it be personal or should it be a mix of everything like Debraj Ray? It is a tough choice to make. If you maintain a mixed blog, readers will tend to look at everything you write from the lens of your political inclination. If you keep a separate blog, it's difficult to manage and I might have to do the painful exercise of 4 and 5 again.
  7. Personal blog vs Other platforms: This is another question that I grappled with for long time. Posting in own blog certainly gives you the flexibility to publish your thoughts whenever you wish but it doesn't give larger audience unless you are famous, which I am not. Publishing else where doesn't give this flexibility but gives a great visibility and reach.
  8. Efficiency of writing: I take a lot of time to write articles or posts (not mails though). I think, I write. Mean while, some new thought comes, I think about that, I search about it, read about it and this keeps continuing and the article never takes shape.
  9. Lack of time:  I come home from office, go to gym, come back home again and finish my daily quota of readings and sleep. Week ends are mostly spent on clearing the reading backlog.
  10. Laziness: No need to elaborate.
Why did I start blogging?
  1. I happened to stumble upon some old pieces of my rough notes. I had forgotten many of these. Reading these old notes helped me think through some contradiction I was struggling to resolve. I realized that there should be a place to list down all such thoughts with appropriate tagging, to make my life easier. This was the tipping point.
  2. Most of my thoughts are in form of conversations with people or long mail exchanges. There is no documentation of these to share with people at a latter time. Blog is a good place to store all the thoughts. You can just share the links whenever you want.
  3. I realized that writing is happiness. It feels lighter and calmer after you put down thoughts on the paper.
  4. Writing gives a great clarity. It makes easier for you to see the holes in your own arguments.
  5. I genuinely felt the need to do so.
In the next post, I will discuss about the name of the blog, 'Iterative Adaptation?'.

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  1. Introspecting about writing is an awesome way to write. It might be more useful to think about 'Why not Blogging' and 'Why not Writing' as a separate things
    Personally, I actively write but don't put it on Blog, unless I really want to.
    Regarding your #7-writing-efficiency, you should check out Stephen King's original tips (top #5)